Touch Dotted Condom 6 Pcs

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Touch Dotted Condom 6 Pcs

Touch Dotted Condom 6 Pcs

TOUCH Dotted textures provide heightened sensitivity & simulation for extreme pleasure.

1) TOUCH Dotted condoms have dots on them designed to increase sexual pleasure during intercourse
2) Effective, reliable and convenient method of family planning
3) Made with premium natural rubber latex to provide effective protection
4) Reduces risk of HIV / AIDS and other STDs
5) imported, 100% Electronically tested and WHO & ISO approved
• 2 pieces
• Jasmine scented
• Lubricated
• Better fit
• Stop infection
• Birth control
• Premium quality latex
Are touch condoms good?
Imported and conforming to international standards of quality, Touch condoms serve as an excellent choice of contraceptives.

What is touch condom?

Touch delay condoms comes with a lubricant on the exterior surface and is specially designed to provide greater friction and stimulation for enhanced sexual. pleasure. These condoms are electronically tested and provides safety from. unplanned pregnancies.

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