Usa gold-ant Timing Tablets

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Usa gold-ant Timing Tablets

Usa gold-ant Timing Tablets

Wholesale USA gold ant natural male enhancement pills herbal plants extract,all natural,no side effects.wholesale price.

Usa gold-ant Timing Tablets description:

It is elaborately Chinese caterpillar fungus, the ancient Tibet palace preserve health secret prescription, and adopt, prepare extract pure Chinese traditional medicine.

It is synthesized by the key ingredient of pure vegetality hairy antler etc. 27 kinds of crops. It can nourish the kidneys as opposed to the nature of the effects of fatigue strengthen, the energy body in full amount, and enhance the functions of the human body, and improve immunity.

In order to start up maximize the secretion of andrusol,then have great effect on male impotence and prospermia, and with sexual disorders such as hypofunction and so to increase the length and girth of the penis, the body’s natural production of hormones

Usa Gold Ant Main ingredient:

  • Hairy Antler: encourage sperm production, and to strengthen the bone marrow tonify, tendons and bones, and informative, enriching and strengthening the health of the amount of blood
  • Cervus nippon Temminck: and to benefit the kidney, strengthen the sheep, to encourage the production sperm, focus, tinnitus and fatigue Qi to tonify, impotence, kidney lack of treatment
  • Wild ginseng: Strengthen the ability of the arteries sex with ejaculation praecox types of impotence% s% s obvious curative effect
  • Epimedium herb: and to improve sexual function, to promote secretion of the sperm, spermatophore, to enlarge Stimulate the sensory nerve excited intermittently
  • Silkworm male silk moth: Male Silkworm Moth has the ability to invigorate the liver and kidney showed a kind of new insects, and enhance the quantity and fight aging
  • Rhodiola: with fresh herbs found in recent years, it has focused on the research boat
  • Hippocampus: Apparently the prostate, to enhance the combat aging of the weight of the seminal vesicles, and levator ani

Effects of usa gold ant male enhancement pills:

It has a lasting effect. It has obvious male hormone protein assimilation and male sexual stimulating  features. And it can accelerate the growth and blood cell accrue sperm.

Usa Gold Ant Specification: 8800mg * 10pills /box

Using Range:

Since Neurasthenic secondary functional impotence, prostatitis, or spirituality, and other male issues.

Usage and dosage: To take orally one pill 30 minutes before sexual intercourse


The minors would be careful. It could not be used repeatedly in 24 hours. If erection appears to be too long, to drink a cup of water.

Gold ant male enhancement pills reviews and comment

It is 100% absorbed by the lymphatic system. It is no lmpact the liver function. it is all natural herbal male enhancement pills,no side effects.

The period of validity: 3 years

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