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Exercise Tools

Exercise Tools Resistance training involves using some sort of opposing force to make your muscles contract and strengthen. Body weight resistance training involves using one’s own body weight as resistance, ultimately to increase strength and build muscle without being as strenuous on the joints like some other strength-building methods. This type of home gym equipment is typically budget-friendly and takes up very little space.

  • Weight Equipment

    Exercise Tools Weight training is also a form of resistance training. We have chosen to separate the two here because there are some distinct and important differences and we see benefit in both. While weight training (like resistance training) causes c (a breakdown of muscle fiber) and then anabolism (the repair and regrowth of muscle tissue), weight training is known to build more lean muscle mass. Increased lean muscle mass can give you more of a sculpted appearance. Weight equipment is typically a bit less budget-friendly than body weight resistance equipment and depending on whether you use free weights or machines, can require more space.

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